Due to Coronavirus and it’s impact for Australia, we are not taking orders right now! Crossing fingers we will bounce back Soon!

Welcome to Gus Chandeliers


Hi! We thought a good start to our new store and weekly posts would be to tell you where and why we named our shop GUS Chandeliers. GUS for our team means "Give Us Strength". I am always making reference to being strong, and supporting others to be the best they can be! So GUS is a message for strength and a reminder that the design and the lighting in our homes reflects much of how we feel and who we are. So it made sense for me to include this favourite name for our new Chandelier and Lighting store. 

Our vision is simple, love what we do and light up your life with fabulous on trend lighting. We all have favorite design styles, so we are interested in what you like. I like natural materials and in particular I have a love for "lanterns". My partner adores the more traditional chandelier ! So you can imagine our home is eclectic to say the least! 

Although our passion is chandeliers, pendant lighting and of course my favourite lanterns, we have also began adding special hand selected furnishings and homewares. The reason for this is when we are shopping for new table lamps or bedside lamps we will also finish the look with a refresh for the entire space.

Beautiful throws, or casual furniture is perfect as they can be moved out onto the verandah and garden for an entire new look indoors and outdoors. 

We hope to bring you many ideas through our weekly blogs and encourage you to tell us what you would like to see! How can we inspire you? What are your lighting design projects?  








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