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Buying Guide

Light your home in style with Gus Chandeliers! Can’t find what you are looking for? Please email Gus and we will do our best to identify and source your light source! 

Great lighting is fundamental to your home’s interior especially when you add a lighting style that resonates with your overall interior design. We recommend you  begin with lighting to set the scene for the entire homes decorating. With the best lighting you can afford you will create illumination,  a distinctive mood, ambience and warmth. We have a specific love for chandeliers, contemporary looks are our favorites, but of course old favourites are included for the formal decorative styles. Pendant lighting is still a popular option for a wide range of decorating styles. 

For a fantastic look and feel, we recommend layering  lighting throughout your home: ambient, task and decorative. This will make sure that your home not only looks awesome, but that it works functionally too.

Keep an eye out for our monthly newsletters where we are confident you will gain a wealth of knowledge of what lighting suits what purpose and especially important is the design and current trends for today's lifestyle in the home. 

We source our collections from reputable Australian wholesalers! Our current favourites are Oriel Lighting, Dasch Designs, Simply Wholesalers and Theo and Joe .

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